Bioidentical Hormone Testimonials and Reviews

“Carrie is a LIFE SAVER!!!! Carrie thoughtfully listened to my symptoms and designed a comprehensive diagnostic and treatment plan for me. Carrie was quick to respond to my messages on her patient portal. Carrie changed my health and my life!”– Joy Campbell

“In January of this year, at the urging of my sister, I started under the care of Carrie Ballas. My sister had been under her care for about a year and I had seen such a remarkable recovery from her health issues that I wanted the same thing for me.

I had been dealing with numerous health issues due to an episode of hyperthyroidism. The thyroid had since been stabilized but I was still battling several other symptoms and still not feeling very good yet. I wasn’t sleeping well, had bouts of some types of some auto-immune responses just to name a few and just felt bad.

On my first visit, she just LISTENED. She did ask questions, but for the most part she just LISTENED. After that visit, she sent me to do a blood test that took 23 vials of blood. Believe it or not, I was good with that. I knew that she was getting a complete picture of what was going on with my body.

The tests came back and showed that I needed help in several areas. Carrie gave me my marching orders along with vitamins and hormones. After three months, I could truly say I was feeling like myself again but something was still off. She mentioned that one of my test results maybe indicating that I have heavy metals in my system. With that, I took the test for heavy metals and sure enough I had five times the amount of lead and mercury in my system that I should have.

I have been on a heavy metal chelating regimen for almost three months and I am finally feeling normal again. Thank God and Thank Carrie! I had been to numerous other doctors to try and figure out what was going on. All I received was a prescription and a “pat on the head”. Carrie started taking care of my whole body, not just the symptoms and that was the key.

I highly recommend Carrie Ballas to anyone who is looking for a compassionate, caring, and intelligent professional who breaks the common mode of medicine given these days. She has helped both my sister and me regain our health. Both of us will continue to see Carrie for our health needs. Why? Because we TRUST her.”
-Don C

“Allow me to start by saying, I don’t write reviews. Not because I don’t want to but, because I forget or get lazy.

This is my first and for a good reason. Carrie Ballas FNP is the REAL DEAL… I’ve never experienced a phyisian that looks at you as a whole person, cares about getting to know you and goes deep to get you back to the best version of yourself. I’ve never been healthier.. my hormones are balanced!!!! I see her for everything.. even her amazing staff is the bomb….She is my hero!!”– Janet Raasch

“I LOVE Carrie!! She is professional, empathic and a critical thinker – I am absolutely so grateful I was referred to her. I highly recommend her to anyone managing thyroid disease, migraine headaches and/or estrogen dominance issues. She had helped me recover from these issues and more. She is wonderful!!”– Kate Morris

“My journey with Carrie started from a recommendation from a friend after I started experiencing hot flashes at age 39. I wasn’t feeling well, had no zest for life and was in dire need of some help. Carrie was the first practitioner to really listen to me rather than writing me off as being too young to be experiencing so many of the symptoms. I have been working with her now since 2011 and I really look forward to my appointments with her. Talking with her is like talking with your most knowledgeable best friend about health and wellness. I am constantly in awe of her level of commitment and passion she has for her work. I feel like finding Carrie was a gift and I am forever grateful to have her as part of my personal wellness team!”– Dawn Cowell

“Very professional yet down-to-earth and caring. I see her for a thyroid issue, and she is always sympathetic. She has allowed me to try new thyroid meds, yet always makes sure that I am reacting well through blood tests. She caught a problem that my OBGYN did not, to which I am very thankful during my recent pregnancy. In general, she is not only a great FNP, but you can tell she “walks the walk” of health, as she is a ray of sunshine and exudes positive energy. I really like Heather, her office manager, as well :)”– FunnyFaceFan B.

Finally a practitioner that insists on looking both inside and outside the box to find solutions that may have been missed or improperly diagnosed by others.

Integrating Western and Eastern Medicine, including nutrition, balance, and common sense, Carrie Ballas is well worth a trip to Boulder.

You feel her sincerity when you meet her, and she will not simply listen, but HEAR what you have to tell her about what you are facing. Thank you so much Carrie.”
– Jennifer Price

After visiting doctors for symptoms of menopause I felt I was making no progress. At 53 years old, I decided to take a different approach. After reading and hearing about hormone replacement therapy (HRT) I made my first appointment and my relationship with Carrie Spann Ballas began.

Now, 1 1/2 years later I look back and realize it was the beginning of a new life. Not only is Carrie knowledgeable and dedicated, she is also caring and compassionate.

Talking with Carrie is like talking to a close friend or a family member. Now menopause is no longer a nightmare for me. I highly recommend HRT for both females and males.”– Melinda Pietrafeso

I actually followed Carrie from her former employer. It took me a while to track her down but believe me – I did – and I am extremely thankful! I am tired of sterilized Western medicine which has little or no respect for the body, soul and spiritual link.

Carrie both understands and respects this truth.

Not only did I know from my first meeting with her that she was an excellent practitioner, but I also knew from our first meeting that she was just an excellent person all the way around. She LISTENS.

She doesn’t just hear what you say, she listens, and I can see her thinking and processing the information. She also respects what I say about my own health and body and takes that into consideration.

She has been right on the mark with me every time I come in for a visit. I no longer have anxiety or tension about seeing my medical professional because I know and trust her knowledge and expertise. Whoo hoo! You go Carrie!”– Rose Rapp